The Physician Diversion Program of California was hijacked by David Thornton, former Director of the California Medical Board. David Thornton appointed stealth Trial Lawyer Lobbyist Julianne D'angelo Fellmeth of CPIL (Center for Public Interest Law - "Patient Advocate" - NOT!) as Diversion Monitor.

Her 20 years of animosity towards Physicians and Diversion was legitimized and memorialized in her November 2004 biased audit. That is equivalent to hiring David Duke to audit the NAACP. Julie Fellmeth is a Lobbist for the Trial Lawyers, hiding behind the title of Consumer Advocate Lawyer.

Fellmeth has a collaborator named Tina Minasian, who in turn has a victim posse she trots out to Hearings . Tina had a lower body lift. She was given written and verbal instructions not to resume smoking or put on weight. She did, then blamed and sued the MD for malpractice. It was as if she took her best pants in for alteration, put on enough weight to rip the seems, then wanted to hang the tailor. She lost the case. Her complaint to the Medical Board was investigated and thrown out. She set up a complaint soliciting web site regarding Target Physician, and would pressure & harangue callers to make false complaints to the California Medical Board, assuring them that filing false complaints carried no risk at all. The former Executive Director of the California Medical Board who appointed Fellemth as Enforcement Monitor. What Mrs Fellmeth claims was the result of an "open and competitive" process was in fact done in secret w/out the knowledge of other more capable people. Time for these crooks to be EXPOSED!

Please see the following websites which explains much of what has happened:

www.mbcconspiracy.blogspot.com Information on what happened to the California Diversion Program

www.standingup4truth.blogspot.com Information on the "Target Physician"

www.mbccorruption.blogspot.com Information about David Thornton, the former Director of the California Medical Board

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Chatham, England, United Kingdom #257232

Legally disgraced Tina,

For years you have published, sermonized and demonized doctors West and others throughout the media.Where have you gone?

Has the spotlight of truth cramped your tongue and pen? It has been nearly a year since you last trod and pontificated before any media outlet. Come back "Tina the Medical Board Mule, BRAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" Bring forth Julie Fellmeht your benefactor and David Thornton your Wormwood.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Tina.Hypocrisy, thy face is Minasian.

Chatham, England, United Kingdom #239462

1. Written by Bury the Lynched Body, on 23-01-2011 20:10


Are you destroying evidence? After Dr West et al were lynched, the bodies need to be buried and the trail to CPIL and Kurtis Ming of CBS 13 Sacramento erased. Where are Julie's broadcast glamour mug shots on Ming's Emmy winning exposes' of MBC Diversion 2005- 2010? Answer: all erased from the CBS web site. Where are Ming's two dozen broadcasts over 5 years detailing MBC incompetence and your on air criticism. Answer erased from CBS, MBC and all websites. I get it; you're destroying evidence. God forbid the trail of blood leads to the door step of the Fellmeth Mansion on Coronado Island. Liar Julie. The media evidence of your guilt is to re-appear: God invented recording devices for frauds such as you. Perjury Julie!. Deny your guilt and enjoy your cell with felon Figueroa and registered sexual *** Thornton. "Arbeit Macht Frei"


2. Written by Fellmeth Blog, on 11-01-2011 20:08

"CPIL s a nefarious organization able to corrupt the chairs of California legislative committees, the Medical Board of California and its staff, the Bureau of State Audits, former Attorney General John Van de Kamp (who appointed Robert Fellmeth as State Bar Discipline Monitor in 1987), the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court to whom he reported, Julie’s colleagues who participated in the studies she conducted, and countless others. We are in awe of our apparent reach and...

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